Pietro Carlo Pezzati


I was raised in Bobbio, a little town in Emilia Romagna firmly based on traditions. After seeing my Grandma run her bakery, at 15 my first job arrives, in Rivergaro, another nearby town. With chef Betti Bertuzzi, in her historical restaurant, I started a profession that, at first, was not a calling. Soon enough, Piacenza started to feel tight. Hungry for changes, and a few other things, I flew to Paris. After a period of sleepless nights, I managed to enter Bertrand Grebaut’s equipe, at Septime. After two years, I moved to Sidney to cook with Lennox Hastie, approaching a more rudimental kind of kitchen. Then another opportunity arrived: going back to Paris to be Grebaut’s sous-chef. For five years, I grew into the responsibilities of the role. Then home called back and a new journey at Locanda del Falco started: returning to my roots, with a different perspective.