Pippa Lovell

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Based behind “the little green door” on the Isle of Man, a Unesco biosphere, Pippa is the chef and owner of a small footprint, community-focused eatery with sustainability at its core. “Versa” taken from the phrase vice versa, which implies a relationship, is a relationship with the land and Pippa only uses ingredients in a small radius. A daily changing tasting menu allows her to tackle overconsumption, and be zero waste, and also means that foraging- a huge aspect of versa- is used as a positive tool to eat our way to a more biodiverse environment. Invasive weeds have always been a top priority! Pippa’s ethos as a chef is not only to have the smallest impact on the environment we can, but furthermore we should be using our establishments for positive changes across the board, or why bother? After all, she argues, restaurants are a luxury, not a necessity.?