Prannie Rathigan

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Future of Irish Food [ Tuesday: 3pm ]

Prannie Rhatigan (@seaweedkitchen) is a medical doctor with a lifetime experience of harvesting, cooking and gardening with sea vegetables. She has a lifelong interest in the connections between food and health. She holds a BA in psychology, a medical degree, and is a qualified General Practitioner who now works in Public Health. Hailed as “Ireland’s leading seaweed expert”, she has represented Ireland’s finest food abroad and given workshops on sea vegetables and cooking. She delivered the President’s address to the PSA (Phycological Society of America, Seattle) in 2011 and facilitated a workshop on seaweed cooking with researchers in the USA. She gave a seaweed cookery demo at the Nordic Food Lab when it was the research arm of Noma. She has featured on many TV and radio programmes. Her most recent work includes exploring the links between genetics, the environment and the benefits of live foods on enhancing health and well-being.