Rasmus Munk

Rasmus Munk is the most hyped molecular chef in Copenhagen right now. His new restaurant Alchemist is the hottest new address in the Danish Capital.
Munk was born in 1991 in the little town of Randers on Jutland – predestined, he says, to become either a ‘mechanic or join a biker gang’. But thanks to his best friend, who persuaded Munk to go to join him in catering college, his destiny took a different path.
His career really took off when he was 22 and had just returned from spending several years working in the kitchens of top restaurants in London. He was appointed head chef at Munkebjerg hotel in Vejle where, with a glint in his eye and millimetre precision in flavours, he started serving yoghurt ice cream with Russian caviar, fried chicken feet, and realistic looking jelly earthworms with coffee. While Munk is a forward-thinking chef who is always pushing the boundaries, he is also interested in historic food.