Riccardo Camanini

Discussing: New languages between different spaces [ Tuesday: 10.30pm ]

Riccardo Camanini (@RicCamanini) is chef/owner of Michelin starred Ristorante Lido 84 in Gardone Riviera. After having obtained the degree of chef at the Hospitality Technical Institute of Dario Boario Terme in Brescia, Camanini began his professional career collaborating with the Gualtiero Marchesi?s school. This occasion allowed him to experience a new mode of ?do cooking?. A cooking that becomes art, an art that reinterprets time and space catalysing the material aspects and those spiritual ones where everything always starts from the product. Curiosity is what drives Chef Riccardo Camanini to discover the product in order to create new combinations that always remain tied to the memory of the scents. ?I want to share, through my courses, the travel that I do every day. Travels made of sensorial experiences told by colors, fragrance and tastes reinterpreted and held in my every single recipe.?