Roderick Sloan

Discussing: Current and Future Vision for me and the Ocean. [ Monday: 2.15pm ]

Roderick Sloan (@Roddiesloan), sea urchin diver and ocean explorer. In arctic Norway Roderick has been fishing sea urchins for over a decade. Originally from Scotland, he lives in the the tiny fishing community of Nordskott, 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle near Bodø, with his Norwegian wife and their three sons. Sloan supplies Noma?s iconic ?beachscape? dish which showcases his sea urchins? pale yellow innards, dried and scattered across frozen pebbles like sand, with beach herbs and raw shrimp. Helped by René Redzepi?s endorsement, Sloan now supplies 32 of the world?s best restaurants, from Sweden?s Fäviken to the two-Michelin star Maaemo. His only visions are ?sustainability, fun and satisfied customers?.