Ruth Hegarty

Making Waves: Taste the Atlantic Young Chefs                           panel moderator #fote2023

Ruth Hegarty is a food policy and sustainable food systems specialist, with a vision of creating a fairer, more sustainable food system with access to good food for all. She leads and consults on a wide variety of projects that promote better food environments, food education, local food networks, and a resilient and sustainable food system, as well as being involved in advocacy and food policy research. Ruth holds a Masters in Food Policy from City, University of London and a Masters in European Economic & Public Affairs from UCD, and is part of the teaching team for the MA in Food Studies and Irish Foodways at UCC. Some of the highlights of her 20-year career with the food and hospitality sectors include ten years as Secretary-General of Euro-toques Ireland, leading the creation of Chef Network and managing the network for five years, and being part of the founding management team of Food on the Edge, as well as working on food policy issues at both national and European level.