Saqib Keval

TOPIC: Cooking for justice: Food as a tool for resistance Monday: 9.45am ]

Saqib Keval (@Saqibkeval) is a co-founding Chef of the People’s Kitchen Collective, a community restaurant project focused on storytelling and radical community organizing through food. The Collective has flourished for 10 years as a sustainable grassroots restaurant model with the belief that good food should be accessible to everyone and that recipes are a powerful tool for telling community histories. The Collective has been featured at the Smithsonian Museum, The Jack Shainman Gallery, and the Museum of African Diaspora. As a food scholar, Saqib has lectured at universities across the US. He trained as a chef in France and has helped open and manage restaurants throughout California. He has worked deeply in the food justice field, and spent 3 years with People’s Grocery, a food justice organization. He worked with restaurant worker’s rights, organizing The Restaurant Opportunities Center to help manage worker owned cooperative restaurants in Detroit and NYC.