Sasu Laukkonen

PANEL DISCUSSION: Producing Food Sustainably [ Tuesday: 10.45am ]

Sasu Laukkonen (@sasulaukkonen), chef and owner of Chef & Sommelier in Helsinki. Laukkonen describes himself as a ‘no waste’ chef, using lesser known cuts of meat such as tongue and belly, and is a passionate advocate of organic and wild food, grown in the restaurant’s own garden and foraged from the Finnish countryside. Laukkonen has a long experience in the kitchen, with short internships at Château Carsin (Bordeaux), Lux and F12 at Stockholm, and as head chef to La Petite Maison and Loft Restaurant & Lounge in Helsinki. In 2010, Sasu opened his own restaurant, where he and his team decided to focus on organic products, local and close to nature. Chef & Sommelier was awarded its first Michelin star in 2014.