Sasu Laukkonen

Sasu Laukkonen is a hands-on Finnish chef who has been pouring his heart and soul into the arena of food for 15 years. His restaurant, Chef & Sommelier, is currently in its fourth year of operation and it maintains a strict regimen that adheres to all things natural, organic, wild, and fair trade. Laukonnen subscribes to a culinary philosophy that is “ambitious, pure in taste, and all handmade and original,” and he cites his personal point of view and passion for the craft as his main sources of inspiration.

Having worked extensively in the higher reaches of the top restaurants in Helsinki, Laukkonen has honed his skills to deliver what he calls “finesse-dining,” a term he uses to describe providing guests with a personal and stylish cuisine in an open and welcoming atmosphere. With tendencies towards a self-prescribed ‘restlessness,’ he spent his formative years making efforts to seek the exposure of as many kitchens and job positions as he could. His fifteen year culinary expedition set out to observe the ‘dos and don’ts’ of the industry through the lens of various work environments and have it transcribe into a culinary style that would be uniquely his own.

His ambitions extend well beyond the kitchen as he also a private entrepreneur offering services in consulting, writing, lecturing, and off-site catering.