Shinobu Namae

Shinobu Namae was born and raised in Japan; he was trained and developed the foundations of cooking by Michel Bras having worked at Bras’ three Michelin starred restaurants in Laguiole, France and Hokkaido, Japan, where he was sous chef. He opened L’Effervescence in Tokto in 2010, it focuses on modern gastronomy based on Japanese Terroir and Europen Techniques. The restaurant has also developed a reputation for amazing desserts and has several unique sweet dishes inspired by Shinobu’s time spent as pastry chef at the Fat Duck, Bray, where he also served as sous chef. Shinobu has also received a degree in politics from KEIO university. L’Effervescence was awarded a Sustainable Restaurant Awards in 2018 by Asia’s 50 best restaurant award. And Shina representative of chef alliance in Slow Food Nippon, and keep supporting the empowerment of indigenous people women’s association of Ainu people.