Søren Ørbek Ledet

Lessons Learned Amidst A Global Pandemic

For Søren, a former chef turned sommelier and front house manager, the transition from the kitchen to the cellar and restaurant was a natural progression, one that went hand in hand with the desire to provide guests with a complete experience. It was an opportunity to learn, gain more knowledge and to become a better business partner. His selections for the wine pairings at Geranium involve hours of theory, tasting notes and understanding of the flavour profiles of both the win and the dishes. The biggest reward for Søren is seeing guests smile. Managing a 12,000-bottle wine cellar is a job that requires one to evolve and grow season after season. He equates the introduction to a new domaine, chateau, or vintage to being a child again and opening a new present. It’s a discovery, an enlightenment and ultimately a gift. You’ll find biodynamic wines, classic vintages as well as a few surprises in the Geranium wine cellar