Surya C. Davies

Storytelling: From the farm gate to the plate #FOTE2023

With a distinguished two-decade career in botanical horticulture, Surya emerges as an accomplished professional, driven by a commitment to habitat preservation & sustainable food production. Surya’s journey has been a testament to his unwavering dedication to botanical horticulture.

Having designed & project-managed the transformative redesign of 120 private gardens & spearheaded 35 prestigious professional public projects, Surya’s touch has left an indelible mark on the landscapes he has nurtured. With a wealth of experience, Surya stands tall as a seasoned consultant, offering invaluable insights & guidance in botanical horticulture & land management. 

  Surya’s passion for habitat preservation fuels his efforts to create harmonious environments that embrace biodiversity & ecological balance. As the Head of Sustainable Food Production for Airfield Estate Dublin, Surya plays a pivotal role in paving the way for a more sustainable & resilient food system. Beyond accomplishments, Surya’s enduring dedication inspires others to embrace sustainable practices & to nurture a greener and healthier world for generations to come.