Syrco Bakker

Sycro Bakker

TOPIC: The future…[ Tuesday: 2.15pm ]

Chef and artistic talent Syrco Bakker (@SyrcoBakker) was born in Veghel. Starting as a dishwasher he quickly became one of the kitchen staff at Landgoed De Rosep. After working with Jonnie Boer and Jean George Klein he came to work with Sergio Herman at Oud Sluis. Here Syrco really felt at home; the cooking style, way of thinking and the freedom to create culinary masterpieces with top quality fresh products was exactly what he was looking for.

Since the opening of Pure C in 2010, Syrco continues to raise the bar as head chef. His unique and pure style has already awarded him many prizes and titles, including the Zilveren Champignon, a Michelin star for Pure C, 17 points in GaultMillau, a top 10 spot in ‘Lekker’, top 20 in ‘Elsevier’ and top 50 in OAD Fresh List 2015 of Europe’s best restaurants.