Tiago Guimaraes Falcone

Tiago is a brewer with many years experience in the industry. He started out at Cervejaria Falke, Brazil. Between 2013 and 2017 he was a brewer at Beavertown Brewery in London where he was the head of Tempus, the barrel aging program, before deciding to set off on a new project, the Pedlar Project. The Pedlar Project consisted of collaborating with breweries around the world, either creating beers or offering consultancy on brewing process and more specifically on barrel aging and travelling between projects by bicycle. His collaboration with Matt Orlando, of Amass, on his new Broaden & Build Project was intended to be a 3-month stop in Copenhagen as part of the Pedlar Project. However, he was drawn to Broaden & Build and became its Head Brewer, where he and Matt work together on this sustainability & taste focused project.