Virgilio Martínez

Virgilio Martinez

Discussing: Uneven Surroundings [ Monday: 9.15am ]

Virgilio Martínez (@VirgilioCentral), chef/owner of Peruvian restaurant Central, currently ranked No. 4 in S. Pellegrino 50 Best Restaurants in the World, is of a new generation of Peruvian chefs promoting the spread of Peruvian cuisine. He is known for his use of applying modern cooking techniques to indigenous Peruvian ingredients. Martínez studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa and London. He worked at well-known restaurants such as Lutèce (New York); Can Fabes (Sant Celoni); and served as executive chef at Astrid & Gastón in both Bogotá and Madrid.

In 2013, Martínez helped form Mater Iniciativa, an inter-disciplinary group of professionals who travel throughout Peru in search of unique ingredients which Martinez incorporates into his cooking. In June 2012, Virgilio opened Senzo in the city of Cuzco, and in July 2012 he opened Lima, a modern Peruvian-style restaurant located in London, which was awarded a Michelin star in 2014.