Will Goldfarb


Every decade or so Chef Will Goldfarb finds a few minutes of sunshine. Recently named by The World’s 50 Best as the World’s Best Pastry Chef, 2021 saw the revamped Room4Dessert, his endearingly resilient dessert bar, surrounded by a garden full of medicinal plants, taken to another level. A new menu. A new attitude. A new way to share millennia of local wisdom on health and healing to life.

Chef Goldfarb was featured on Chef’s Table, Season 4, capping a delightfully unexpected 2018, which also saw the release of his first book, Room For Dessert, published in swinging style by Phaidon. He previously enjoyed a breakthrough at the original R4D in NYC, all the way back in 2005, following years of training at El Bulli in Roses, Cibreo in Firenze, and Gerard Mulot in Paris. Most recently, during a buoyant pandemic adventure, Chef Will and the swashbuckling R4D team braved new spaces (and another new garden!), taking care of people and the community in new and most important ways: simply cooking for those who need it. At the same time, the relentless drive-in search of new sustainability continues. Look for more adventures in Botanical Modernism soon!

About R4D- The little dessert bar that could, where it all started. A restaurant serving delicious and innovative desserts in NYC. Bringing joy to people through fresh culinary experiences. The need for purpose brought us to Bali, where the powerful connection between people, nature, and the community re-shaped what we celebrated and served.