Wojciech Modest Amaro

Discussing: Forgotten Future [ Tuesday: 12.30pm ]

Wojciech Modest Amaro (@ModestAmaroblog), one of the most outstanding chefs in Poland. He has worked and developed his skills over many years with famous chefs de cuisine such as Ferran Adria (El Bulli), Yanick Aleno (Le Meurice) and Rene Redzepi (Noma). In 2008 the International Academy of Gastronomy awarded Wojciech’s brilliant talent with the prestigious Chef de l’Avenir award. He is the author of the bestselling “The Polish Cuisine of the 21st Century” which as changed the image of contemporary Polish cuisine. Amaro is founder of Atelier, a new restaurant concept that combines a culinary studio, an exquisite deli and a scene in which he uses only Polish seasonal produce to create culinary masterpieces. Atelier Amaro is the only restaurant in Warsaw commended by the Slow Food Poland Association and, in 2012, was the first and only restaurant in Poland to be awarded a Michelin Rising Star.